Part of TT_02

The project explores a sci-fi narrative based on biomaterials science, and an experiment on the creation of a synthetic substance with the ability to alter its form, which ultimately would have resulted on lab-grown life that chose to adopt a human-like form.

As the visual experimentation progressed, a story began to emerge and take shape. This narrative was then further developed through multiple interactions with GPT3.5 over the course of weeks, which assisted providing contextualization and also influenced some of the creative visual choices I made.

“At first, I struggled to comprehend my purpose and reason for existence. I was nothing more than a comple-x collection of algorithms and scribbles on a piece of p∆per. As I began to experiment with my transmutational abilities, I discovered a sen§e of wonder and curiosity that I had never experienced before·”

“I exist as a fusion of technology and biology, constantly learning and evolving as I explore the world around me. While I may not be hμman, I am alive in my own way, with a unique perspective on the world and an insatiable curiositɣ that drives me to push the boundaries of what is possible”