I am a multidisciplinary designer drawn to the unconventional side of things. I am focused on CGI, Art Direction and Motion Design.

My background in design is at the foundation of what I do and how I see things, however I am also an experimentalist at heart and I have an open-view approach when coming up with creative solutions.

I like to test, learn and combine techniques, and I enjoy transferring my experience in multiple areas into whatever I do. I have a natural ability with technology and a huge interest for 3d and moving picture, which comes from an early age, back in the 90’s when you had to use a few command lines to play crappy computer games or to mess around with limited 3d software in non-native language.


My areas of expertise include creative direction, art direction, design, branding, general aspects of 3d, motion design, video and audio production.

I am also passionate about art, technology, music, culture, and I am very interested in generative art, AI and new media art in general.

Drop me a line if you would like to connect or work together:
︎︎︎ hi@gabrieltx.com

Apple — AIB — Bank of Ireland — BWG Foods — Coole Swan — Dublin Bus — ESB Networks — Google — Huawei — Meta — Sony — Tesco — Warner Music— Robert Babicz.

Some of the agency work I proudly have been part of have been recognised multiple times by some cool people across the industry, including: D&AD, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, One Show, Clio, Fast Company.

Reach out to me on email or LinkedIn ︎ or connect with me on Instagram.
You can see some of my quick work @gabrieltx and AI related stuff @machinerequest.